26 - Snapchat Filters and Race, Millennials Aren't Having Sex, and Is "Influencer" Over?

Brand Eff Up

“The Repeated Racism of Snapchat,” The Atlantic

What’s Up?

“‘There isn’t really anything magical about it’: Why more millennials are avoiding sex,” Washington Post

What’s Good?

“Influencers Are People, Not Media Outlets,” AdAge

“The "Influencer" Economy Is Collapsing Under the Weight of its Own Contradictions,” Gawker

“Gatekeepers & Crashers,” trndmrkr.com

Diggin’ in the Crates:

Phil: Res album ”How I Do” (2001)

Wos: “The Problem of Slavery in the Age of Emancipation,” by David Brion Davis (2006)

Michael: “King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror and Heroism in Colonial Africa,” by Adam Hochschild (1998)