Download the 2 Dope Boys & a Podcast cultural consultancy outline (PDF).

“Normally, culture supplies the meanings and rules with which we understand and navigate the world. And normally, it does this invisibly, effortlessly, in real time. We don’t sense culture operating in us. It just does. It’s like language; it’s just there. But sometimes culture is a little shaky. It has found a world it can’t quite render or organize. And when that happens, wonderful things happen. We understand that we are no longer under “strict instructions.” We are no longer the captive of meanings made. We are now living in a world where meaning and rules are up for grabs.” - Grant McCracken

"Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast" - Peter Drucker

“At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.” ―Che Guevara

A Cultural Economy needs a Cultural Prime Directive

The structure of the CPD is as follows: 
1. Do No Harm
2. Reevaluate Your Time Horizon
3. Be Brave
4. Love Centered Revolution

These concepts are our guiding principles we have developed a framework that allows brands to integrate the CPD into their organization. 

Services We Offer

1. Strategic Cultural Intelligence - use the "invisible dots" framing

2. Market Research & Planning

3. Executive Workshops & Learning

2 Dope Boys Can Help You Face Challenges and Solves Problems
Aligning Internal Cultures in an Era of Mass Fragmentation:
The pace of cultural change in corporations is shifting rapidly. Millennials are rising in leadership positions and freelance work cultures are redefining loyalty and commitment. A changing America means different things for corporate conversations on race, gender and identity. We help you develop shared language, identify hidden values frameworks and facilitate shared experiences that bridge internal cultures. 

Partnering With Culture or How Not To Be A Predator: 
We identify the right cultural matches that sync with brands and audience. What subcultures, desires and trends should your brand be paying attention to and why? How to find the right cultural fits and alliances for campaigns, activations and message diffusion. 

Create Dope Culture
We are hosts, producers, writers and curators. We help you design, host and create your specific brand content. Do you need a Podcast to showcase your company culture and endeavors? A new YouTube channel or other new platform where you create and distribute content. We work to help you design, plan and create original content on emerging platforms. 

CPD Process
Research/Trend Analysis to outline cultural landscape and identify "invisible dots"
Workshop development with both Philip & Michael as experts and additional access to over 250 global influencers to create bespoke programming to address a specific challenge or problem set. 
Impact Leadership training with brand/company stakeholders to empower decisions to flow via networked matrices rather than traditional "top down" management. 

The CPD process is designed to shift from ideation to real world practice and application. It is internally and externally focused and engages stakeholders at all levels of the organization and the supply chain.

This CPD approach emphasizes emotional intelligence, cultural awareness/fluency and Mindfulness.