22 - The Politics of NBA Contracts, Peak Music Festival?, and a Suggestive Trump Logo

@BigWos of ESPN's TruehoopTV Podcast joins us this week.

Brand Eff Up:

The sexually suggestive “Trump/Pence 2016” logo. (Vanity Fair)

What’s Up?

The inflation of NBA contracts and what fan reaction says about attitudes toward labor and management in this country. The politics of sports celebrations.

What’s Good?

Have we reached peak festival? Bonnaroo’s ticket sales are down; does that signal less enthusiasm for festival-going, or is it something else?

Diggin’ in the Crates:


1988 in music

“It Takes A Nation of Millions” by Public Enemy

“Vivid” by Living Color

“Tracy Chapman” by Tracy Chapman


“Blank Face,” by ScHoolboy q


“The End of Work,” by Jeremy Rifkin