16 - Muhammad Ali's Legacy & Sports Activism Today

Joining us this week in studio is familial crew member Lisha Brooks, actor/filmaker and sister to Michael. Follow Lisha on twitter @LegallyLeshaB and check out Beards (www.beardswebseries.com)

Brand Eff Up:

KWTX in Texas does gives everyone a behind-the-scenes look at old-school crisis management as Ken Starr, former special prosecutor of Bill Clinton’s sex life, is coached about whether he saw emails detailing rape allegations in his capacities at Baylor University.

What’s Up & Good? Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali’s legacy as a political figure and sports great. The difference between Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan.

Phil: Eyes On The Prize (1987-1990 PBS documentary, available on YouTube.)

Michael: When We Were Kings (1996 documentary)

Lisha: Department of Speculation, 2014 novel by Jenny Offill