10 - Buzzfeed’s Stupid Questions, ScarJo Whitewash, and Virtual-Reality Dating

Brand Eff Up

“27 Questions Black People Have For Black People”


What's Up?

ScarJo Casting w/Ghost In the Shell

“Scarlett Johansson Signs On to Star in DreamWorks’ ‘Ghost in the Shell’”


“Max Landis Blames Scarlett Johansson ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Casting Controversy on ‘Broken System’ in Hollywood (Video)”


“Oh No, Ghost in the Shell Considered Using CGI to Make White Actors Look Asian”


What’s Good?

“DNA matching and virtual reality: The world of online dating in 2040,” by Sophie Curtis, The Telegraph



Phil - Perfect Blue


Michael - “A Brief History of Neoliberalism,” by David Harvey



“The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel
“The Hop,” by A Tribe Called Quest


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