2 - Chingy, Dating Apps, Ubiquity, and the Vanishing Middle Class

Brand Apology

Chingy apologizes for endorsing Donald Trump.

What’s Up?

Phil on dating apps and ubiquity.

“Tech’s ‘Frightful 5’ Will Dominate Digital Life for Foreseeable Future” by Farhad Manjoo, New York Times.

“Led by Tinder, a Surge in Mobile Dating Apps,” by Molly Wood, New York Times.

“Zygmunt Bauman: ‘Social media are a trap,’” by Ricardo De Querol, El Pais.

What’s Good?

Michael on brands and the vanishing middle class.

“The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground,” Pew Social Trends.

“The disappearing middle class is threatening American mega brands,” by Hayley Peterson, Business Insider.

“By every meaningful measure, today's elites are gods. This should make us angry,” by Jack Sparrow, The Guardian.


Diggin’ in the Crates


“Stan Grant's speech on racism and the Australian dream goes viral,” by Melissa Davey, The Guardian.


Steven Pressfield, The War of Art and Turning Pro.