34 - Alcoholism As Social Media Success Strategy, Samsung’s Giant Phones Still Exploding, and Can Online Dating Transcend the Swipe?

Brand Eff Up:

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 keeps blowing up.

What's Up?

“This Popular French Instagram Star Has Been Revealed as a (Fake) Warning on Alcoholism,” Creativity Online.

“Who Is Louise Delage? The Troubling Truth Behind an Overnight Instagram Success,” AdWeek

What's Next?

“Swipe Left On A Dating World Built To Keep You Single And Disconnected,” PSFK

Diggin’ in the Crates:

P: Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Darmok

R: A Seat At the Table, by Solange Knowles

M: ASICS: Origami "In Pursuit of Perfection"