44 - NY Times’ Hardly-Diverse Newsroom, Dropbox's Hardly-Diverse Diversity Photo, and Free Cash in Finland

Brand Eff Up?

“Dropbox panned for 'diversity' tweet depicting mostly white people,” SF Gate

What’s Up?

“Preaching the Gospel of Diversity, but Not Following It,” NY Times

What’s Next?

“Free Cash in Finland. Must Be Jobless” NY Times

Diggin’ in the Crates

M: “How Democrats Killed Their Populist Soul,” The Atlantic

P: “Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1,” by George Michael

R: “Uproot,” book by Jace Clayton (DJ Rupture)

43 - Google Invades Cuba, Amazon's Jobless Grocery Stores, and Wonder Woman Out at UN

Brand Eff Up:


What’s Up?

“Google Signs Deal With Cuba for Faster Data Access,” Inc.com

What’s Next?

“Amazon’s new grocery store highlights a huge hole in Donald Trump’s promise on jobs” Business Insider

Diggin in the Crates:

P: “The Power Elite,” by C. Wright Mills

G: “I Lie Awake Every Night” by James Vincent McMorrow

M: “Small is Beautiful,” by EF Schumacher

42 - The Oakland Warehouse Fire Tragedy, Priced-Out Culture, and Resist the Turn Against Multiculturalism

Brand Eff Up

“A Japanese theme park thought it was a good idea to freeze 5,000 dead fish in a skating rink,” Washington Post

What's Up?

“Oakland Warehouse Fire: Death Toll Up to 36, Officials 'Absolutely Believe' Number Will Climb,” NBC News

What’s Next?

Michael and Phil take issues with anti-identity politics arguments like this one by Jonathan Haidt

“Why social media is terrible for multiethnic democracies,” Vox

Diggin’ in the Crates:

Phil: SHO

Michael: Adam Curtis, “Oh Dearism

Matt: Chasing Shadows by Ken Hughes (2014)

41 - Snapchat Spectacles’ Successful Rollout, Delta Bans Boisterous Trump Supporter, and Barcelona’s Struggle for the Commons

Brand Eff Up

Delta Slaps Lifetime Ban on Passenger After Pro-Trump Rant,” Bloomberg

What’s Up?

“The marketing genius behind Snap’s new Spectacles,” Recode

What’s Next?

“Barcelona’s Brave Struggle to Advance the Commons,” P2P Foundation

Diggin’ in the Crates

M: “Captain Fantastic” (2016), and “The Four Futures” by Peter Frase (2016)

B: “The Wretched of the Earth,” by Frantz Fanon (1961)

P: Barricade board game (“Malefiz” in German)

On Point - 38 - Oliver Kremer: Dos Toros, Bull in the Burrito Market

Where Dos Toros saw an opening to challenge Chipotle in the burrito market. The regionality of mexican food and the burrito specifically. Risk-tolerance in entrepreneurship. How values-led companies can run into obstacles as scale increases. The perils and advantages of growing.

“Meet Dos Toros, the NYC-Based Burrito Chain That's Not Afraid of Your Chipotle Comparisons,” Entrepreneur

“Dos Toros Is Bullish on Expansion,” Wall Street Journal

40 - Cities vs. Trump, Restaurant Accidentally Hosts Neo-Nazi Meeting, and Reebok Wants the Anti-Trump New Balance Shopper

Brand Eff Up

“D.C. restaurant apologizes after hosting alt-right dinner with ‘Sieg Heil salute,’” Washington Post

What’s Up?

““Cities will be a powerful antidote to Donald Trump”: Social scientist Benjamin Barber on the emergence of a new urban radicalism,” QZ

What’s Next?

“Reebok Wants to Replace Those New Balances You Destroyed,” Esquire

Diggin’ in the Crates

P:  “9 Ways To Protect America In The Age of Trump” by Crew Member Rob Fields

W: “Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA” 2007 book by Tim Weiner and

“The Obama Doctrine,” in The Atlantic

M: “Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan, and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001,” By Steve Coll

39 - Facebook’s Bullshit News Problem, New Balance Apologizes for Trump Support, and GrubHub Condemns Trump's Behavior

Brand Eff Up:

“New Balance's Support for Donald Trump and Lack of Sympathy Will Cost It Dearly,” Complex

“New Balance distances itself from white supremacist site after Trump statements,” CBS News

“Did designer Tommy Hilfiger state that blacks and Asians shouldn't wear his clothes?” Snopes

What’s Up?

“Facebook employees reportedly forming secret ‘task force’ to address fake news,” The Verge

What’s Next?

“CEOs take heed of Grubhub's Trump hubbub,” Chicago Tribune

“Why GrubHub CEO Is Still in Deep You Know What,” Fox Business

Diggin’ in the Crates

P: James Corden clip

M: Century of the Self by Adam Curtis (2002 Documentary)

Matt: It Follows (Horror, 2015)

Shawn: “A Tribe Called Quest We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service,” by A Tribe Called Quest (2016)

On Point - 36 - Sarah Hartley: Imagination and Risk in Creativity

Sarah Hartley (@storygirlsarah), Creative Director, Art Director and Team Builder at NBCUniversal, Content Innovation Agency joins us in studio this week. How is “creativity” defined? How about vision? Hiring the person instead of hiring the role. Risk as part of the creative process, and how to be empowered enough to take risk. Defending the best of creative risk to clients. The importance of “spreading the wealth” as a creative director.


38 - Lil Wayne Apologizes For #BlackLivesMatter Comments, Hip-Hop's Punk Moment?, and Using VR For Meaningful Experiences

Brand Eff Up?

“Lil Wayne is not here for Black Lives Matter,” CNN

“Lil Wayne Apologizes for 'Black Lives Matter' Comments,” Billboard

What’s Up?

“Hip-Hop Is Having Its Punk Moment, and It’s a Quiet Revolution,” GQ

What’s Next?

Lina talks to us about virtual, augmented and “mixed” realities and the possible impact of using VR to tell stories for issues of human rights.


P: “War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America's Colony,” by Nelson A Denis

M: The History of Rome Podcast

L: “Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy,” by Heather Ann Thompson

Black Mirror (BBC TV Series)

Jane the Virgin (CW TV Series)

37 - R.I.P. Vine, Facebook Allows Racial Exclusion in Ads, and the UN Offers Women a Mascot Instead of Leadership

“10 Business Podcasts You Should Be Listening To (If You Aren't Already)” Inc.com

Brand Eff Up?

“At 75, Wonder Woman was just named an honorary U.N. ambassador. But not everyone is happy about that,” LA Times

What’s Up?

“Vine Is Closing Down, and the Internet Can’t Stand It,” NY Times

What’s Next?

“Facebook Lets Advertisers Exclude Users by Race,” ProPublica

Diggin’ in the Crates:

Phil: “Undercover Brother” (2002), “Robotech” (Anime) on Netflix

Wos: “Last Taboo: Why Pop Culture Just Can’t Deal With Black Male Sexuality,” NY Times

Michael: “Pumping Iron” on Netflix (1977)

Matt: Adam Curtis, “HyperNormalisation” (2016)

Shawn: Sweatshop Boys, Cashmere (2016)

On Point - 34 - Jack Hamilton: Rock and Roll and the Racial Imagination

Assistant professor of American Studies and Media Studies at University of Virginia joins us to discuss his new book, Just Around Midnight: Rock and Roll and the Racial Imagination (2016). The difficulty in choosing representative bands from the 60s. The “move” from “rock and roll” to “rock.” The racial politics of perceptions of rock as “high art.” The concept of “soul” and how it suggests the stereotype that black musicians are inherently musical, or even “magical.” Jimi Hendrix’s supernatural obsession and cultivated weirdness. How to reconcile the tensions between mash-up culture and cultural appropriation.

36 - The NFL Doesn't See the Cliff, Facebook Live: Used By Normal People?, and Drake's Creative-Industrial Complex

Brand Eff Up:

“Armour: Josh Brown admitted to beating wife, and NFL barely cares,” USA Today

“One game? NFL ban for alleged violence on wife draws renewed rage,” CNN

“Tom Brady isn’t about to let the NFL off the hook for its Josh Brown problem,” Washington Post

What’s Up?

“Facebook Live's First Ad Campaign Shines a Light on Its Users,” AdAge

What’s Next?

“Drake Announces ‘More Life’ on His Preferred Platform, Apple Music,” NY Times


P: The Legend of Korra (Anime)

CC: Moonlight (2016)

M: The Two Escobars (Documentary)

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35 - A Light Bulb For the Sexually Self-Conscious, Racial Paranoia in the Skies, and Netflix Retreats from China

Brand Eff Up

“New Weight Watchers Campaign Suggests Fat Women Don't Enjoy Sex As Much As Thin Women,” Jezebel

What’s Up? Racial Paranoia

“United Airlines Kicks Passenger Off Plane Because of Marvel Superhero Hat,” io9

What’s Next?

“Netflix’s new, brilliant strategy for China is to stay the hell out of the country,” Quartz

Diggin’ in the Crates:

P: “Stray Bullet,” Organized Konfusion

M: “Eternal Fire,” Chronixx

G: “ Earth Girls,” Jesse Boykins III

Also check out Georgette’s new podcast, “Venting and Vino

On Point - 32 - Evan Narcisse: Comic Book and Fan Cultures, ComicCon, and the Rise of the 'Blerd'

Are we approaching peak “Blerd” and what does the “rise” of the black nerd signify? The “just a game” response to racial erasure in video game representation. The diversification of fan cultures as they grow. Comic money shifting from comic books to blockbusters. The joy of seeing people nerding-out. The journalistic value of exposing artistic craft. “Nerd-checking” during the rise of nerd culture. Image Comics and the current comic industry: independent is in.


More from Evan on Kinja.

34 - Alcoholism As Social Media Success Strategy, Samsung’s Giant Phones Still Exploding, and Can Online Dating Transcend the Swipe?

Brand Eff Up:

Samsung’s Galaxy Note7 keeps blowing up.

What's Up?

“This Popular French Instagram Star Has Been Revealed as a (Fake) Warning on Alcoholism,” Creativity Online.

“Who Is Louise Delage? The Troubling Truth Behind an Overnight Instagram Success,” AdWeek

What's Next?

“Swipe Left On A Dating World Built To Keep You Single And Disconnected,” PSFK

Diggin’ in the Crates:

P: Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Darmok

R: A Seat At the Table, by Solange Knowles

M: ASICS: Origami "In Pursuit of Perfection"


On Point - 31 - Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' with Michael Arceneaux

Michael joins us once again to discuss Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” on FX. The cultural success of “Atlanta.” Michael’s perspective from doing show recaps for Vulture.com. Donald Glover’s reception by black audiences not completely used to seeing him in black environments. The representation of the rapper character “Paperboy.” The representation of inequality and Donald Glover’s character’s withdrawal from Princeton.

“Atlanta Recap: Don’t Forget Your Drug Test,” Vulture